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niedziela, 1 grudnia 2013

Illustrations, sketches - fun stuff~! Big up~!

I'm uploading only the latest sketches from life drawing at AlterPose workshops.

Random sketchbook page.

Sci fi illustration. When I look at it, it reminds me of Ghost in the Shell.

Jungle princess. My savage beauty. 

Work in progres that probably never will be done *sob sob*

piątek, 25 października 2013

poniedziałek, 7 października 2013

So many sketches and model studies~! The importance of studies.

Since few weeks I'm focused on doing studies (model studies, film studies etc.). Here is a selection of some of studies I've done recently. All the model studies are done during the AlterPose workshops ( It's good to be able to practice regulary the basics. Basics of anatomy, working with pencil and all life drawing. 
During the worshops I have a great opportunity to practice all body types and genders ( fat, thin, old, young, women, men)

Each pose took  from 5min to 15 min, so rather quick sketches.

Aaand... just few from Warsaw subway :)

czwartek, 22 sierpnia 2013

Sketches, practice, doodling~

A little update of some of my works.

The AlterPose model drawing sessions. I picked just some of my drawings.

This is sneek a peek of a bigger illustration I hope to finish.

She reminds me of Ariel. Dunno...

poniedziałek, 22 lipca 2013

Some stuff, recent and old.

One of the latest things...

Aaaand some traditional work I didn't upload earlier but I think it is good to show as a prove that I'm working hard :)

 Model studies

Life drawing session.

Some random girl character for fun.

Subway sketches. 

czwartek, 4 lipca 2013

My super heroine

I've created this heroine because I am very dissapointed with Resident Evil and Supernatural (only latest sesons... blah). She's supposed to be zombie/vampire huntress. But I must learn to draw guns *sob*

poniedziałek, 24 czerwca 2013

WIP character concept

Character concept that I hope will be some fantasy girl :) I want to finish her and draw the rest of her body also.


Very easy to follow I think :) 

środa, 22 maja 2013

sobota, 18 maja 2013

'The girl' part 1

Just a general idea of a girl. I don't know if it will end up looking like that. I experimented much. To be continued... :)